Qualitrol 165/167 and AKM 47080 Side-Mount Thermometer with 5″ Dial


Qualitrol165/167 and AKM 47080 Side-Mount Thermometer side-mounted thermometers offer easy to read temperature indication with a resettable maximum pointer for ease in the field. Features up to 3 control and/or alarm switches (contacts). Models can be combined with a well (pocket) to allow for replacement without draining or compromising the tank.


  • Medición bimetálica con puntero máximo reseteable
  • 5 inch (130mm) dial face
  • Up to 2 fully adjustable switches (contacts) for control and alarms (165/167 has one additional fixed switch)
  • Control motors up to 3/4 HP
  • Clear and reliable temperature indication
  • Frente de carátula de 5 pulgadas (114.3 mm) para una indicación clara de la temperatura
  • Provides accuracy within ±2%
  • Dampened element provides smooth pointer movement
  • The lens is made of clear, UV stabilized, molded polycarbonate for easy, scratch-resistant viewing throughout the life of the unit
  • Rugged cast-aluminum housing with thermoset powder coat finish for survivability in harsh environments
  • Sealed 165/167 models available for submersible applications such as vault transformers
  • Unsealed models feature case venting to prevent moisture from accumulating under the lens and keep the dial face clear
  • Gasketed lens with bezel forms a leak-tight seal for protecting the internal mechanism from the environment


  • Rangos de temperatura aplicables para aceite (líquido) o devanado (la simulación de devanado requiere un pocillo caliente o placa térmica Qualitrol)
  • Up to 3 switches
  • Tank connection style and probe length, compatible well
  • Electrical connection type, connector cable type, and wire colors
  • 0-5VAC electronic output for remote monitoring

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For temperature indication with integrated control and alarm functions. Designed for use where the point of measurement (the well or pocket) is on the side of the apparatus and can be easily viewed.

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